The Malaysian furniture brand, which has been in business for over 34 years, was recently certified by the Malaysia Book of Records as “Malaysia’s Largest Mattress Manufacturer”. In response to this accolade, Goodnite Group CEO Yek Ming Teo said, “Goodnite has been improving, progressing, and growing for the past five years. We have also expanded our entire product line, and our sales have increased five times in the same period. This proves that the hard work and effort of the entire Goodnite team in the past have not been in vain.”

In addition to the quality assurance of its products, Goodnite has other advantages, one of which is that its services have constantly been improving and progressing. Teo added, “For example, the recent ‘100 Nights Comfort Exchange (mattress trial experience program)’ launched in major stores is to provide customers with a better after-sales experience.”

In addition, Goodnite’s instalment payment method up to 36 months allows consumers to purchase their desired, high-quality furniture with zero burdens after spending a significant amount on renovation. Goodnite attaches great importance to consumers’ needs by setting up large one-stop furniture outlets in over 24 branches nationwide to provide customers with the most convenient, practical, and heart-warming purchasing experience.

While Goodnite’s past products, such as mattresses, focused more on consumers’ sleep, they have now extended to consumers’ entire lives, not just sleep but also essential furniture for the whole house such as living rooms and dining rooms.

When asked about Goodnite’s achievement of being “Malaysia’s Largest Mattress Manufacturer” in the Malaysia Book of Records, Teo said, “From the end, we will still move towards the listing. After all, we have already gone from raw material production, product manufacturing, wholesale, export, project, and one-stop furniture outlets to instalment payments. Next, we will create decorative accessories that complement our furniture to provide consumers with more comprehensive one-stop services.”