Business Today – Goodnite Embraces The Importance Of Sleep For Malaysians

Goodnite Embraces The Importance Of Sleep For Malaysians

The fast-paced nature of contemporary life can make it difficult to take breaks and relax. It may make consistently getting a restful night’s sleep seem like a dream.

But just as vital to overall health as diet and exercise is sleep. Your mood, health, and cognitive function all improve with adequate sleep. Frequent sleep deprivation increases the risk of numerous illnesses and disorders. These include dementia, obesity, and heart disease, as well as stroke.

Goodnite International Sdn Bhd, the biggest mattress manufacturer in Malaysia, has launched its latest campaign, “Sleep Well, Live Well”.

According to Mr. Teo Yek Ming, Managing Director of Goodnite Group, the primary goal of the “Sleep Well, Live Well” campaign is to inspire individuals to lead healthy lives in addition to getting enough sleep.

“We constantly strive to offer our clients higher-quality goods and services. We are aware that the secret to restful sleep is a quality mattress. We’re dedicated to enhancing people’s quality of sleep,” he said.

As a commitment to this effort, Goodnite has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Malaya (UM) on Sleep Research to enhance the company’s comprehension of consumer demographics, sleeping habits, and mattress recommendations. Through this partnership, academic rigor and industry expertise will come together to solve mysteries related to sleep patterns and biomechanics and provide customized recommendations for the best mattress choice for a range of age groups.

UM’s research title for this initiative is “A Comprehensive Study on Sleep Patterns and Personalized Recommendations for Optimal Mattress Selection across Different Age Groups.”.

According to Teo, the MoU represents a significant turning point for the company since it calls for research and development to create new products that satisfy consumer needs and demands.

“This is our first collaboration with UM, whereby they will conduct the research and analysis to gain a deeper comprehension of the kind of mattress that would be best for our clients. UM will provide us with valuable insights into customer sleep patterns and the best types of mattresses for various demographics.

“This collaboration is not merely about the union of two entities. It is about synergy, innovation, and a shared commitment to enhancing the quality of life,” he said.

“Historically, people have associated us with making mattresses. Few people are aware that we sell household goods. In addition to mattresses, we produce and market a wide variety of furniture through Goodnite Outlet.

In light of this, he stated that Goodnite intends to expand the company’s product lines in 2024 and aim to revolutionize its customers’ sleep and living experiences.

“For instance, a lot of people are not aware that mattresses eventually gather dust mites, dead skin, dirt, and other debris over time. Here’s where our Mattress Cleaning Service can help, saving our customers time and energy and ultimately encouraging healthier and more restful sleep.

“Furthermore, Goodnite is actively developing a Smart Sleep System that will offer valuable insights into sleep patterns and potential health issues. We are thrilled about the positive impact it will have on our customers’ lifestyles,” Teo said.

Goodnite also has plans to add a few new line-ups for the product range: a bedding collection, decoration items, and curtains. “Our focus extends beyond offering quality furniture; it brings a sense of belonging and infuses vibrancy into homes,” said Teo.

To elevate the customization experience, Goodnite also employs fully automated assembly machines from Germany for custom-made cabinets. This is to provide its customers with a home transformation with a wide variety of ready modular designs in an easier and faster way, while maintaining a commitment to affordability.

“Goodnite hopes to continuously add quality choices and products for a complete home offering. After all, with a comfortable home, we get to rest well and live well with our loved ones,” stated Teo.

“We are expanding our product line, and the ultimate aim is to establish a one-stop furniture outlet, making it easy and convenient for people to shop under one roof,” Teo stated.

Teo said that the company is providing up to 36-month payment plans so that everyone can benefit from premium goods without having to fork over a large sum of money.

Goodnite’s mission is to provide high-quality furniture and services to enhance everyone’s life, he said.

“By the end of 2026, we hope to operate 60 one-stop furniture outlets, maintain 500 dealers nationwide, have 20 units of Goodnite signature shops in shopping malls, and expand our projects, exports, developers, and corporate sales to serve a larger market. I think we’re prepared to take a bigger chunk of the mattress and home goods market with our installment plan and new product lines,” he remarked.

There will be a grand opening at Goodnite Outlet Petaling Jaya from December 15–17, complete with a lion dance performance, ribbon-cutting, and a complimentary halal buffet. During the course of the three-day event, a cash giveaway worth RM17,999 will take place with every purchase.