- Conforming to ergonomics and habits -
Because your choice matters, we carefully select the material of your mattress, whether your need is comfort, support, temperature management or all of them.
At Goodnite, we are driven by consumer insights and industry trends. From selecting the softest yet most durable fabric to the finishing touches of stitched binding, every Goodnite mattress is meticulously designed to ensure perfect sleep in every detail.
Natural Latex
Goodnite’s Natural Latex mattresses are made using RF-Tec™ latex technology, utilising radio frequency and dielectric heating to vulcanise latex from the inside out. The result is a more durable, consistent and homogenous foam. They come in various zones of firmness and uses natural raw materials, making it perfect for anyone with allergies and asthma. It is also effective in absorbing smells and highly breathable.
Memory Foam
Originally developed by NASA to improve the safety of aircraft cushions, memory foam is a very durable type of material, provided with sufficient density. It is well known for providing excellent support and pressure relief. Also, it moulds to your body and contours perfectly to your body shape.
Coconut Fibre
Coconut fibre mattresses are made of fibres of coir which is a natural fibre obtained from coconut husk. Coconut fibre mattresses can easily absorb moisture, and they are well ventilated as there is maximum airflow in and out. Also, they help to align your spine perfectly during sleep and are highly recommended for those having allergies.
Palm Oil Foam
A green and eco-friendly product, palm oil foam uses natural Polyols (NOPs) from palm oil, a renewable resource that replaces the current synthetic polyols used in foam manufacturing.