- Finesse is in the finishing -
Pressure relief, resiliency, temperature management and conforming support are some of the factors affecting the selection of fabric in mattress manufacturing. Also, consumers have different needs in bedding, such as luxury feel, cooler sleep surface or allergies.
At Goodnite, we are driven by consumer insights and industry trends. From selecting the softest yet most durable fabric to the finishing touches of stitched binding, every Goodnite mattress is meticulously designed to ensure perfect sleep in every detail.
- What is StatFree®? -
Do you ever experience those little electric shocks when you shut the car door or when you touch someone? Those electric shocks are called body static, and without proper removal, it will lead to emotional tension, insomnia and uncomfortable feelings.
Goodnite mattresses come with StatFree® technology, which is a patented anti-static technology from Belgium that helps to release body static and promote more comfortable sleep.
Benefits of StatFree®?
  • Release
    Body Static
  • Promote
    Deep Sleep
  • Prevent
  • Release
- What is IceSleep®? -
Sleeping too cold or too warm harms the quality of your sleep. During the night, your body produces warm and humid vapour resulting in a loss of 95 gram of moisture per hour.
Goodnite’s fabric comes with IcyYarn™ filaments, specifically created to provide superior breathable comfort. Unlike other fabric technology, Goodnite’s IceSleep® fabric is engineered with nano-scale material derived from jade and incorporated into the fabric yarn. And for this reason, the cooling effect can last permanently.
Benefits of IceSleep®?
  • - The optimum temperature during sleep
  • - Optimise airflow and ventilation for a fresh sleep
  • - Improve air circulation
  • - Reduce humidity
Goodnite’s MosFree® knitted fabric helps to keep mosquitoes away from the area of your mattress. Your good night sleep will no longer be interrupted by a constant buzz or mosquito bites. More importantly, your precious skin is protected from itching and swelling.
Anti-Bed Bug
Goodnite’s Anti-Bed Bug fabric offers you maximum protection from bed bug bites while sleeping. It is engineered to kill off any bugs that come into contact with the fabric, and without using any harmful chemicals.
Fire Retardant
Fire retardant fabric, it’s broadly used for hoteliers, it resists the ignition from cigarette that might cause further lost.
Goodnite’s knitted fabric has made for the most luxury softness you could ever have on your bed and it’s highly absorbent too.
Damask fabric, its surface slightly rougher than knitted fabric but it’s more durable compare to others.