- Taking sleep to the next level -
We raise the industry bar high with our coil system technology – Dual Layer Pocketed Coil System and Double Posture Coil Spring System (DPC). Our coil system technologies are rigorously tested and certified to provide you with great night sleep. With a system that offers optimum elasticity, resilience and durability, a Goodnite mattress is sure to deliver the ultimate comfort and support to any sleepers regardless of sleeping positions.
A leading therapeutic coil system and a breakthrough in the conventional pocketed spring system, Dual Layer Pocketed Coil System is a self -calibrating technology that naturally responds and continuously adapts to your body. It is meticulously designed to combine upper and lower pocketed coils, forming a superior dual-layer that takes your sleep experience to the next level.
Avoid Disturbance
Cater to Body Contour
Superior Spinal Care
Even Pressure Distribution
High Amount Of Coils
Double Posture Coil® offset springs are made from heat tempered high carbon steel wire that complies with international standards. High-quality materials are used to ensure consistent and exceptional performance. The distinct helical design of the coil provides total surface support, great durability and even weight distribution.
Pocketed Spring provides excellence body support and good pressure relief. It also helps to reduce partner’s disturbance.
Posture Coil is made of sandglass shaped coil. It is one of the most classic type of innerspring, it has been the main innerspring unit for over 100 years.