We know you've heard a trazillion times to keep your kid's sleep routine consistent, but here's a trazillion and one: Keep your kid's sleep routine consistent. Make sure your kid goes to bed at the same time every night—and has a soothing routine that gets him there.
We know you've heard that a warm glass of milk packs a sleep-inducing punch, but did you know that bananas, turkey, peanuts and yogurt are also loaded with sleep-triggering tryptophan? Serve up a small tryptophan-rich snack about 30 minutes before bed and your kid will be sleepy and full at bedtime.
Help your kid relax by adding some calming lavender-scented soap (we love Johnson's Bedtime Bath bubble bath) to his bath. This stuff can be shared with his tired, stressed parents, too.

Add a relaxing foot massage (for your kid, not you, unfortunately) to your kid's bedtime routine, or a back scratch, arm tickle, head rub—whichever parent pampering technique makes his eyes droop.
Warm, cozy feet are a natural human sedative. So layer on the fuzzy socks, bunny slippers and footed blanket sleepers when suiting up the kids in their PJs.
Do some gentle stretching with your kid (be sure not to get her wound up and crazy) right before bedtime. A few gentle stretches and poses may help your kid unwind and relax her tired muscles.
Even if she's begging for the Ben 10, soothing instrumental music like opera, jazz, classical and New Age is known for its soothing and calming qualities. Just be sure to skip the big climactic numbers with their big cymbal crashes!
Instead of reading your kids a story, tell them a story once they are in bed with the lights off. Have them lounge back, close their eyes and relax as they listen They just might fall asleep before you finish.
Get a night-light. We know, it seems kind of counterintuitive to light up a room to help your kid sleep, but a dim light can do wonders at keeping the “monsters” at bay and keeping the calls for Mommy to a minimum.
Don’t Hydrate
Limit your kid’s liquid consumption before bed—especially of any drinks with caffeine (duh!) or bladder-stimulating sugars. This way once he’s asleep, he’ll stay asleep…and won’t make you start the entire routine over again by getting up to pee at 10 PM!