StatFree® Contour Massage Latex Pillow


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Pillow unique particle surface design have the function of massaging your acupuncture points of the head all the time when you sleep. The convoluted surface (spiky surface) on the pillow are engineered to help promote air ventilation & improve blood circulation throughout your sleep.

This Natural Latex Massage Pillow with contour shape provides a comfort cushioning with additional convoluted surface design. It helps correct the alignment of neck, shoulder & spine. Get a pair of natural latex pillow for each member of your family to ensure they get a comfortable & healthy sleep all nights.

Size (cm)
Dimensions 60 (L) x 40 (W) x 12/10 (H)
Key features
Filling High Density Memory Foam
Outer Fabric StatFree™ Fabric, which helps to release your body static
Special Features Statfree Fabric Cover

Help In Sleep Improvement

Reduce Stress


Anti-Dust Mite

Ergonomically Designed

Good Suitability

Warranty 3 years *Limited Warranty
Product Weight (kg)
Weight 1.55kg
Good to know
Firmness Medium



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