StatFree® Car Seat Mat


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Get shocked by static electricity when you get out of a car? This is your ideal anti-static car seat mat to help you release your body static… just by sitting on it!

It will help the body to discharge static electricity and tension literally drains away from your body while you are sitting on it.

  • Anti-static function operates throughout the life of the product
  • Anti-static function has the added benefit of repelling dust


Size (cm)
Dimensions 48 (L) x 44 (W) x 2.5 (H)
Key features
Filling High Density Memory Foam
Outer Fabric StatFree™ Fabric, which helps to release your body static
Special Features To help prevent scuffs, stains and marks on car upholstery

Color safe construction won’t bleed onto upholstery

Unique one piece design is compatible with all car seats

Latch anchors and seat belts compatible

Warranty N/A
Product Weight (kg)
Weight 71.6g



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