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Revolutionize the way you sleep with the latest Goodnite BluGel memory foam pillow!Goodnite BluGel pillow is the latest breakthrough in memory foam technology. It is a seemless fusion of soothing ‘3D’ BluGel waves with premium high density memory foam. The bonding of our BluGel and memory foam creates a perfect balance of cool and comfort to enhance your sleeping experience.

Size (cm)
Dimensions 60 (L) x 33 (W) x 10 (H)
Key features
Filling High Density Memory Foam
Outer Fabric StatFree™ Fabric, which helps to release your body static
Special Features BluGel Technology

Enjoyable Cool Feeling

Ergonomic Support

Pressure Relief

Sanitized against bacteria & fungus

Warranty 3 years *Limited Warranty
Product Weight (kg)
Weight 1.55kg
Good to know
Firmness Medium



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